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Welding Workshops

We offer MIG welding mild steel workshops for beginners with no experience needed.

EA Craftworks work gloves

Learn the basics of MIG welding

Learn the basics of MIG welding. We will start with safety/shop practices, including MIG welding equipment and material processing for weldments. No previous experience in welding or metalworking is needed. You will learn the basics of MIG welding, which emphasize making structurally sound welds and understanding different weldment positions and joints. This is a 4-week course meeting once a week for 2.5-hour sessions. The small class size provides a unique welding opportunity, as it encourages group discussion and sharing the studio space to facilitate learning while providing individual training and attention. Practice material provided. All welding equipment and personal protective gear are provided, as well as disposable face masks. Please wear jeans and closed-toe shoes/ boots. This course is designed to provide you with a valuable new skill set to take to the job force or to help you brush up on your welding skills.

Workshops will be held at EA-Craftworks
957 Leonard St NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

4 weekly 2.5-hour sessions
Practice material provided
Maximum 3 students per workshop

Mark Schentzel

Meet your instructor

Mark Schentzel is co-owner of Elemental Artistry LLC d.b.a EA-Craftworks. He brings 19+ years of welding and metal fabrication experience in the fields of industrial and structural metalwork, furniture-making, blacksmithing, and sculpture. He is an award-winning sculpture major from KCAD, and has exhibited work throughout the Midwest. Mark has also previously taught welding and fabrication for adults and has supervised metal fabrication studios. Mark’s passion for metalworking and welding can help you explore a new medium and increase your skillset for the workforce.

Choose your class

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Signups for our limited space metalworking classes is all done online through our website.

Individual, group, youth , or “on-site”workshops can be accommodated.

These workshops do not come with any certificate of welding experience. These classes are designed to take you from never welding to creating good sound welds in different positions by the end of the workshop. You'll leave with a valuable skill set to take to a new job force.