Winter Welding Workshops

Get Your Sparks Flying with EA Craftworks’ Welding Workshops!

Hey there future welders — are you ready to turn up the heat and dive into a world where sparks fly and metal bends to your will? Well, you’re in luck! EA Craftworks is rolling out the red-hot carpet for our upcoming community welding workshops. It’s time to strap on your safety shields and unleash your inner artisan! 

In an age where skilled trades are the new cool, we’re seeing a baton pass from the old guard to the new. Carpentry, plumbing, welding – you name it, and there’s a spot for fresh talent to shine. EA Craftworks is on a mission to fan those flames of interest in welding and fabrication. And guess what? No previous experience required! Whether you’re a total newbie or just a little rusty (be sure to remove that rust before you weld!), our workshops are the perfect playground to kickstart a sizzling new skill set. Please note that certification is not provided.

This winter, get ready to spark some joy with our MIG and TIG welding workshops. It’s going to be lit! Mark your calendars for Saturdays at the EA Craftworks shop in Grand Rapids, MI. Whether you’re looking to hammer out a new hobby, weld a career change, or simply have a blast learning something cool, we’ve got you covered. 

View Winter Welding Workshop Details Here

We’re stoked to have you join us and can’t wait to see the amazing things you’ll create!