Turning Visions into Reality with EA’s Expertise

September 6, 2023

Every great creation starts with a spark, an idea, or a vision. Maybe you’re picturing a grand architectural centerpiece for your home. Or perhaps it’s a unique decorative element for your office or a functional addition to your garden. Regardless of the dream, bringing it to life demands expertise, precision, and commitment. That’s where we, at EA, come in. We bridge the gap between your vision and reality.   1. Refinement and Troubleshooting of Design Ideas So, do you have a concept in mind? Fantastic! But every idea, no matter how great, can benefit from a bit of fine-tuning. Our team at EA is dedicated to ensuring that your design not only looks stunning but is also feasible. By using a holistic approach, we assess and refine your design. We troubleshoot possible pitfalls, ensuring that the final product is not just a work of art but also structurally sound. For…

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Metal Cladding and Paneling: A Fusion of Function and Aesthetics in Interior Design

August 9, 2023

In the world of interior design, creative expression knows no bounds. While various materials have been utilized to adorn and enhance interior spaces, one remarkable trend that continues to captivate designers and homeowners alike is the use of metal cladding and paneling. This modern design approach combines both functionality and aesthetics to breathe life into spaces, infusing them with industrial chic and contemporary allure. We will explore the fascinating world of metal cladding and paneling, discussing different material and finish options to inspire your next interior design project.   The Versatility of Metal Cladding and Paneling Metal cladding and paneling are versatile design elements that can be employed in a multitude of ways within a space. Whether used to cover entire walls or as accents in specific areas, their allure lies in their ability to seamlessly blend with various interior styles – from minimalist and industrial to eclectic and modern. Let’s…

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Custom Metal Railing Systems

April 25, 2023

Metal railings are a critical feature of many residential and commercial buildings, offering safety, style, and a touch of elegance to any space. However, finding the perfect metal railing system can be challenging. That’s where EA-Craftworks can help. As experts in custom metal railing systems, we can provide tailor-made solutions to meet your needs. Our process: Starting with an initial site visit, we evaluate your space and determine the most efficient way to create your custom railing system. Using our expertise, we take measurements by hand, laser, and/or 3D scan to ensure accuracy. We offer design and finish options that will be sure to impress and meet your specific requirements. One of the great benefits of working with EA-Craftworks is that you don’t need to be a designer to get started. We can work with any level of design expertise and provide detailed CAD drawings for your approval. This way,…

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Computer-Aided Design (CAD) – Architectural Elements

May 26, 2022
3D rendered stair railing

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) – Architectural Elements Computer-Aided Design is a vital part of creating beautiful, functional, and efficiently made architectural products for our clients. We are often asked to create aesthetically-driven metalwork. For example, a sculpture, stair railing, or another metal object that needs to be beautiful and also functional. Clients come to us with an initial idea or an existing design, which we can help finalize and prepare for efficient fabrication. Most importantly, our broad knowledge of materials and processes lets us create without compromising on aesthetic design elements. We use CAD modeling to achieve these goals. Initially, we obtain site measurements for products that are built-in. We then virtually build the (for instance) stair railing in digital space. First of all, this way we can iron out complications and engineering issues prior to assembly in the shop. Metal is not a forgiving material, so we don’t leave things…

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Metal Patina Intro

December 8, 2021
samples of metal finishes

  Patina, in the most simple of terms, is something that appears more appealing with age. In the world of metal finishing, “patina” refers to the artificial aging of a surface to achieve the desired look. This can be as simple as using a household acid (such as vinegar) to accelerate the rusting of steel, or as complex as coating a ceramic pot to give the appearance of centuries-old copper.   Many patina processes use multiple types of acids that can be layered to great effect, or use heat to enhance the specific look by opening the ‘pores’ of the metal. There are a vast number of ready-made patinas on the market, and countless more combinations and techniques that can be deployed by a skilled practitioner. The possibilities are truly endless. At EA-Craftworks, we offer a full suite of powder-coating options but really enjoy the opportunity to deploy our custom suite…

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MIG & TIG welding intro

July 12, 2021
image of person in the process of welding metal

Welding as a technique to join metal has been around since the Bronze age. There are many different types of welding processes such as gas welding, arc welding, friction welding, spot welding, MIG and TIG to name a few. Today the two most common processes are MIG and TIG; this blog post will examine those two different processes, and why and where they are commonly used. MIG (metal inert gas) welding is by far the most commonly used process today. Think of MIG welding like a “hot glue gun” for metal. It can be easily taught and a beginner can start to put welds to metal very quickly. MIG welding has two main settings:  heat and wire speed, which are controlled by machine settings and the physical speed the welder goes. MIG welding is typically cost-effective, and commonly used in production, industrial, and repair settings. TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding…

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