Metal Patina Intro

samples of metal finishes


Patina, in the most simple of terms, is something that appears more appealing with age. In the world of metal finishing, “patina” refers to the artificial aging of a surface to achieve the desired look. This can be as simple as using a household acid (such as vinegar) to accelerate the rusting of steel, or as complex as coating a ceramic pot to give the appearance of centuries-old copper.


Many patina processes use multiple types of acids that can be layered to great effect, or use heat to enhance the specific look by opening the ‘pores’ of the metal. There are a vast number of ready-made patinas on the market, and countless more combinations and techniques that can be deployed by a skilled practitioner. The possibilities are truly endless.

At EA-Craftworks,
 we offer a full suite of powder-coating options but really enjoy the opportunity to deploy our custom suite of patina finishes. These options range from traditional (acid-based) steel and stainless steel patinas, typically rustic browns and deep blacks, to vibrant colored patinas with rich reds, blues, and greens. We can also produce a number of faux-finishes such as bronze, brass, and copper.

T. Hutchins – EA Patina Specialist



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